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May. 24, 2023

Travalyst moves into its next phase of growth

May. 24, 2023

When Travalyst launched just three and a half years ago it was set up as a pilot, to rapidly test the hypothesis that an independent and neutral not-for-profit could help the travel industry accelerate its progress towards net positive impact. We would do this by convening and leveraging the collective power of some of the most influential travel and technology companies in the world.

Fast forward to 2023 (a global pandemic notwithstanding) and the original coalition comprising five Founding Partners has now almost doubled in size to nine Partners with a combined market value of nearly $2 trillion. The group has worked incredibly hard together throughout, with deep commitment to our shared principles, and has delivered on what it set out to do: collaborate pre-competitively to bring clear and consistent sustainability reporting to the mainstream of travel for the first time ever – together, for the benefit of all.

There are now two unified Travalyst frameworks driving consistent sustainability reporting in both accommodation and aviation that are live and out in the world. As Partners implement those frameworks and bring sustainability information to the mainstream consumer experience, we are raising awareness and supporting more positive choices at a scale the industry and world has never seen before, for billions of consumers.

But this is just the beginning.

Today we formally mark the end of Travalyst’s pilot phase with the appointment of a new Board to govern and guide us on our journey ahead to delivering major positive and system-changing impact.

The Board is composed of individuals with world-class expertise in impact, systems change, not-for-profit governance, advocacy, and campaigning for a just and sustainable world. The new Board members are:

  • Chair: India Gary-Martin, Founder & CEO – Leadership for Execs
  • Clea Kaske-Kuck, Director for Policy, Advocacy and Member Mobilization – World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Dr Sally Uren, Chief Executive – Forum for the Future
  • James Whiting, Chief Executive – Doughty Street Chambers
  • Henrietta Worthington, Lawyer – Vedder Price

This is an incredibly exciting moment for Travalyst and, I believe, for the industry as we stride ahead into our next phase of growth and expansion to ensure our work is freely available to all, used by all and catalyses the positive transformation of the sector.

We look forward to announcing further strategic partnerships in the months ahead, such as the recent news of our vital collaboration with IATA to drive fully consistent and aligned emissions reporting across the sector, with all stakeholders represented around the same table. I look forward to seeing the Travalyst frameworks continue to expand and incorporate leading edge research to deliver best-in-class impact calculations, implemented not just on all our Travalyst Partner platforms but across the industry at large. And above all I look forward to when we can say that all travellers everywhere are not only empowered to make more positive choices but are doing so – every single day.

Sally Davey

Chief Executive, Travalyst