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Convening the Travel Industry for a More Sustainable Future

Founded by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, Travalyst is a coalition of some of the biggest names in travel:

Our mission is to make the travel industry more sustainable. We do this by convening leading industry players in a pre-competitive coalition to collaborate on bringing consistent sustainability information to the mainstream for the first time. This means we can empower consumers to make better choices: for themselves, and for the planet.

At Travalyst, we’re bringing travellers, communities, and the travel industry to the table to change the way we see and share the world.

The joy and learning that comes from experiencing a new place and culture is unparalleled – but it must also be a force for good for the communities and destinations we visit. With our global coalition of partners, we’re united behind the belief that world-friendly tourism is the way forward.

At Amadeus we acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable travel industry.

Travalyst offers us a fantastic opportunity to work collaboratively with other industry partners on this common goal. We are excited about being part of the Travalyst coalition and joining efforts towards a better industry future.”

At, we strive for sustainability to manifest in varying aspects of our business operations – from understanding our role in protecting and improving the environment to making sure tourism is a force for good.

Together with Travalyst, we can cultivate a healthier, more sustainable world for everyone.”

Expedia Group is taking action to address climate change and is committed to working across our industry and with a range of partners to shape a sustainable travel and tourism sector.”

Addressing the challenge of climate change requires us to find solutions at scale, and this is especially true when it comes to travel and tourism.

By working with Travalyst and our industry partners, we aim to build tools and technology that enable travelers and businesses around the world to prioritize sustainability.”

Travel – discovering other countries and cultures – is a fundamental part of being human.

As leaders of the travel industry, we must all play a part in ensuring future generations are able to continue exploring the world around them, sustainably. We are proud to be a part of Travalyst, finding solutions together to protect our planet.”

We believe industry-wide collaboration and open-sourced data will be crucial to effectively resolve the industry’s challenges and accelerate sustainable travel.

GDSs like Travelport will play a key role in how our industry helps agents, travel managers and travelers determine the most eco-friendly trip itineraries.”

Travel is a powerful means of bringing us closer – to share the beauty of our countries and our myriad cultures, to find our common humanity.

But with travel comes the duty to protect our fragile planet. We must ensure that generations to come can follow in our footsteps sustainably and the world and its people can grow together.”

We should all individually address the climate emergency, but it’s a lot easier to make progress working together. We co-founded the Travalyst coalition to protect our planet and the people on it.

We’re encouraging our global community to make responsible choices when traveling, so they — and future generations — get the most out of the experience, with the least impact on the environment.”

Enabling global travel and commerce through digital payments is one of many ways Visa connects and empowers individuals, businesses and economies every day.

We are dedicated to doing so in a way that supports our commitment to sustainability. We are proud to be part of this initiative to support long-term economic growth through tourism.”

Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex
Lucas Bobes Group Environmental Officer & Head of ESG Reporting, Amadeus
Glenn Fogel CEO,
Aditi Mohapatra Vice President of Global Social Impact and Sustainability, Expedia Group
Kate Brandt Chief Sustainability Officer, Google
John Mangelaars CEO, Skyscanner
Joel Fisher VP Product, Travelport
Jane Sun CEO, Group
Kanika Soni Chief Commercial Officer, Tripadvisor
Al Kelly Chairman and CEO, Visa

We're aligning on sustainability frameworks, across the industry

Coming Soon

We'll be working on more frameworks soon

By coming together, we create a shared understanding of what sustainability means, and source reliable sustainability data that is consistent across the industry. That data includes everything from a hotel’s individual practices to route-based carbon emissions calculations for flights. This then allows trusted travel platforms to display credible, easy-to-understand information for their customers.

Working closely with academics and travel experts, our data-driven, collaborative approach is helping to streamline and scale the provision of sustainability information, meeting the growing demand from travellers.

Travellers, meanwhile, are given transparency in the booking process

By providing reliable sustainability information on the booking platforms that consumers already know and trust, our coalition is helping everyone to learn and recognise what good looks like.

Travellers want to travel more sustainably:

71 %

of travellers want to make more effort in the next year to travel more sustainably, up 10% from 2021

159 mn

have selected lower emissions flights on Skyscanner since 2019

7 in 10

feel overwhelmed by starting the process of being a more sustainable traveller

It’s not always easy for travellers to know whether they are making good choices from a sustainability perspective, even when they want to. This is why we are bringing the industry together to help make it clearer to consumers what to look for.

We believe that now is the time to:

We want to ensure that people can experience all the awe-inspiring wildlife our planet has to offer, but we believe that our presence as travellers should always be a force for good – conserving habitats, preserving natural resources and protecting species.

In our view, we should all strive to preserve and regenerate the places we visit. From eliminating single-use plastics, to finding new, more effective ways to reduce and offset carbon emissions – it all adds up doing good while we travel.

By expanding travel’s economic benefits, alleviating overcrowding and filtering tourism through to less-visited areas, we believe that travel’s exponential growth can be a positive force. Tourism should empower local communities, allowing hosts to capitalise on, and protect, their natural and cultural resources.

We know that reducing the environmental impact of transport and aviation is key to reducing the travel industry’s overall footprint. Collectively, the industry must work towards a range of measures, from emissions reporting and investment in new technology, to aligning on policy change.

Become a Partner

Travalyst partners are part of a global network of change-makers, independent experts and academics – all working together to create viable, visible sustainability solutions. Fundamentals of our partnership include:



Creating game-changing impact through collaboration, sharing ideas and information in a supportive, pre-competitive structure.



Travalyst’s connections and access to world-renowned sustainability specialists and academics enable us to scale initiatives at speed.



Being part of a group of changemakers and energising collaborators, all with a laser-sharp focus on changing the travel industry for the better.


Collective power

Finding strength in numbers: collectively we are brave and bold, and can initiate change faster, together.