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Jan. 29, 2021

The re-emergence of travel: a report

Jan. 29, 2021

The devastating impact of COVID-19 has been felt by millions of people across the world, not least the travel and tourism industry. Travalyst today released a report exploring the future of travel and the industry at large.

In his foreword for the report, The Duke of Sussex addresses the impact, paying tribute to all those on the front line, saying: “This global health crisis continues to hold many in its grip, forcing communities and nations into one of the most difficult times in modern history,” adding “those working in and relying on travel and tourism have experienced acute hardship”. “If anyone needed reminding, this has shown us just how vital the industry is to families and communities around the world.”

At this moment, the tourism industry has a unique opportunity to rechart its course, to rewrite the rules and to rebuild more responsibly to the benefit of the places we visit and the people who live there.

Syndey, Australia by Dan Freeman

The Re-emergence of Travel report explores the options available to the tourism industry in the year ahead, and how we might collectively build a more sustainable and balanced future. This paper brings together key emerging trends and insights from across the industry to identify the ways COVID-19 could impact the future of tourism, and the role that the industry can play to ensure a transformational future.

Throughout the report, we focus on:

Travel and Tourism in 2020

By leveraging the unique reach and scale of the Travalyst partnership, we surface common themes emerging within the industry in light of COVID-19; which include the rapid adaptability and innovation of tourism businesses, and the responsive changes in attitude and behaviour of the traveller.

Redefining the Future of Travel and Tourism

Working with Forum for the Future, we begin to explore how 2021 and beyond could look for the global travel and tourism industry as it moves through the pandemic.

The Re-emergence of Travel – The role of Travalyst & the industry

We outline the key universal trends that are vital to rebuilding the tourism industry more responsibly; and highlight Travalyst’s commitments for 2021.

As the world eventually begins to open up to visitors once again, Travalyst believes that collective, aligned action amongst the industry is vital to rebuild tourism in a way that thrives in harmony with people, places and the planet.

We know that to not travel again is not an option. It is our role—it is our obligation—to assist recovery and forge the right path forward; a path where we can again explore our world and expand our horizons, whilst the natural environment and wildlife flourish, and communities are supported. That is what we mean by sustainability in tourism and is what we strive towards as Travalyst” – Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Key findings in the report include:

  • When communities are involved in the process of creating solutions from the start, then it is possible to develop sustainable, scalable, and profitable approaches for the long-term.
  • New and emerging sustainable tourism models that focus on full transparency, sharing value, and building resilience and regeneration in local communities must become the norm.
  • This is the right time to act. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for travellers to reconsider their own impact and demand more from businesses and governments to drive sustainable development.
  • Current business models need to continue to be adaptable and innovative to cater to a more fluid consumer environment, recognising the uncertainty we’re living through.
  • Supporting innovation in energy must remain a priority for the entire industry, as it is for the world, with a strong focus on options for reliable, renewable power that aids self-sufficiency and is affordable. 
  • Collaboration is essential to this success. In the year that changed everything, glimpses of communities coming together, with acts of compassion in times of desperate need, were both uplifting and plentiful. Harnessing this collective mindset as the industry rebuilds will be vital.