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Nov. 6, 2022

Five carbon-reducing projects we’re excited about

Nov. 6, 2022

Take heart from these eco innovations shaking up climate science.

Innovation is key to meeting ambitious global emissions targets. And while a lot of the technology needed to achieve net zero is still in development, many of the world’s top climate scientists and innovators are stepping up to the plate with exciting new ideas…


Pioneering carbon capture tech

Clean tech firm Sustaera is on a mission to remove 500 million tonnes of CO2 emissions from the earth’s atmosphere by 2040, using ‘Direct Air Capture’ technology, meaning emissions are pulled straight out of the air and stored securely underground.


Energy-storing salt caverns

Just as important as safely sealing away carbon is the need to effectively store clean energy before it is used. UK-based firm Storelectric uses compressed air energy storage in underground salt caverns to do just that.


Drones against deforestation

As tree-planting programs struggle to keep pace with deforestation, environmental start-up Dendra is tackling the issue with ‘aerial seeding’, using data on land conditions and drone technology to restore biodiverse ecosystems in hard-to-reach areas.


Making waves in marine power

The Waveline Magnet is a low-cost marine energy converter, made up of a linked chain of floating platforms that follow the movement of the ocean. Not only does it harness a substantial amount of hydroelectric power, but the device can be manufactured entirely from recycled materials, limiting the impact of its production.


Harvesting a solution to climate change

Another clever example of carbon capture technology is being pioneered by InterEarth, a project that works by planting fast-growing trees and harvesting their above-ground biomass. The carbon-rich biomass is then buried deep underground, containing the CO2 for centuries to come and repurposing marginal farmland in the process.